Bowls Tasmania Return to Play Document

Bowls Tasmania has formulated the following Return to Play Document to assist our Club’s in understanding the 3 stages of Tasmania’s Roadmap to Recovery and how it specifically applies to the “Bowls World” in Tasmania.

This document should also serve in assisting Club’s to understand their obligations in allowing people back on the greens within their facility.

Please understand that this document is only applicable to bowls activities and NOT the opening of your bar facilities.

The consideration of opening bars, clubs and casinos/gaming has been noted by the State Government as being looked at under Stage 3, but no announcements have been made as yet.

This document has been compiled in line with the AIS Framework for Rebooting Sport in a COVID-19 Environment, Bowls Australia’s recommendations and all Tasmanian Government regulations, with an oversight from Community Sport & Recreation Tasmania.

It is imperative that all Clubs who will have a green available for play during this period (indoor and outdoor) have a thorough understanding of this document and your Clubs obligations. Please note that Indoor Facilities are not permitted to open for sport until Stage 2 of this document.

Bowls Tasmania in conjunction with Bowls Australia will assist all Clubs in having an online booking system available through these stages. This will enable Clubs to keep a clear record of who has been at the Club during certain periods and help ensure that Clubs are complying with all restrictions regarding the number of people at the venue at each time. It is recommended that Clubs allow 20-30mins between timeslots to ensure that bowlers have had time to leave the venue prior to the next timeslot arriving. This will also allow time to sanitise all of the necessary equipment in between users.

It should be noted that the only spectators that would be permitted on the premises would be those in a caregiver type role, for example a parent, guardian or disability support person. This person will not be considered part of the 10 or 20 persons depending on which Stage we are at. However this person should be separated from the playing area and all spectators should maintain social distancing.

It is understood that there will be further information from Sport & Recreation Tasmania in the leadup to Stage 2 (15th June 2020). At this time Sports will be seen as a workplace under the rules and it is understood there may be further requirements by Clubs including Workplace Checklists etc. Bowls Tasmania will assist with this process once further information is known.

All bowlers and personnel are reminded that if they are unwell or showing any flu like symptoms they must remain home.

Vulnerable people are encouraged to stay home and protect their health. (Vulnerable people is per the Government definition)

Should you require any further clarification or assistance around this issue please contact Bowls Tasmania directly; or 6331 7436.
This document will be reviewed prior to Stage 3.

Bowls Tasmania Return to Play Document

18th May 2020

• Informal Rollups resume (Outdoor Green Only)

• Every second rink in use only

• No more than 4 people on a rink (only permitting 2 people at each end i.e. pairs)

• No spectators permitted (unless this person is a caregiver and they then must maintain social distancing)

• No more than 10 people including staff or volunteers

The approach to training should focus on ‘get in, train, get out’

• Vulnerable People are encouraged to stay home& protect their health.

15th June 2020

• Applies to roll ups and organised competition for Indoor & Outdoor bowling facilities.

• No spectators permitted (unless this person is a caregiver and they then must maintain social distancing)

• Every second rink in use only

• No more than 4 people on a rink (only permitting 2 people at each end i.e. pairs)

• No more than 20 people including staff or volunteers

• Vulnerable People are encouraged to stay home& protect their health.

13th July 2020

• Gatherings of 50-100 are to be determined by Public Health

• Further information will therefore be released regarding Sport & Recreation and this information will be updated once available.

Bowlers are reminded that if they are feeling unwell or showing any flu like symptoms to please remain home.

• Bowls Tasmania recommends that all Clubs have a designated volunteer/staff member to fulfil the following guidelines. This person should be fully aware of and compliant with their own State Government legislation and STA advice.

• Hand sanitizer is to be made available at the entrance to the Bowling Club and beside each green in use.

• Disinfectant spray must be made available beside mat/jack boxes. After each use, all mats and jacks must be thoroughly cleaned before being used again.

• Any club bowls that are loaned to players are to be thoroughly cleaned before and after use. (Bowls Tasmania recommends that Club’s do not have loan bowls available during this time to minimise the use of communal equipment and the requirement for further sanitisation).

• Bowling Clubs may need to implement a booking system to facilitate rink bookings, to confirm with guidelines. Best practice is that a register of attendees is kept, just in case a communicable illness were to occur. Bowls Tasmania is able to offer assistance to Clubs for an online bookings system.

• Where possible, outdoor-accessible toilets should be open, if using an outdoor green. At the very least, hand washing facilities should be available.

• No barefoot bowls groups to be hosted at this stage. Bowls Activity:

• Subject to the social gathering and distancing legislation/restrictions, (please note this is particularly relevant during Stage 2) only four people are allowed to play together and the 1.5m physical distancing rule is to be observed at all times.

• There must be one rink space (an empty rink) between each rink in use. 

• All players are to use separate mats and jacks (or ensure that the same player
on each rink places mats or places/rolls jacks).

• Other bowls equipment cannot be shared between players (e.g. bowls, cloths,
measures etc).

• Disinfectant spray must be made available beside mat/jack boxes and between
each use all mats and jacks must be thoroughly cleaned by players.

• Players should practice safe hygiene at all times, including washing hands for
at least 20 seconds before and after bowls.

• Individuals must leave the premises immediately after conclusion of play and
cleaning of equipment.

• Coaching should be limited to no more than a coach and two other people at
the time and all practicing physical distancing of 1.5m during the coaching

• No barefoot bowls activity.


Sadly as of 5.30pm today 18th March 2020, George Town Bowls Club has suspended ALL Club competitions including Social Events.

Bowls Australia recommends immediate suspension of all bowls events Tuesday, March 17, 2020 Amid growing concern and uncertainty around the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, Bowls Australia (BA), in consultation with the state and territory associations, has recommended that all bowls events be suspended indefinitely. While acknowledging that BA is not the controlling body of competitions staged locally by states, territories, districts and clubs, we feel it is prudent in the current climate that we issue this advice in order to limit any non-essential mass gatherings, until further notice. This advice is related to any pennant competition, championships, tournaments and other club events and is aimed at safeguarding the health of the sport’s members, participants, employees, volunteers and officials, many of whom are typically from demographics that are particularly susceptible to the effects of the virus. Further information pertaining to the status of the 2020 World Bowls Championships, Australian Open and other national events will be made by BA in the coming days.

To all please be safe and more importantly healthy

Looking forward to our happy family being ALL back together as one community.